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The Crime Stoppers Story

In 1976, Greg MacAleese, a detective in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, had exhausted all possible leads in a particularly brutal murder case and took an unorthodox approach. He arranged for a reenactment of the murder to be shown on a local TV station and invited viewers to call him with information. In return he offered them anonymity and the possibility of a cash reward if the information led to an arrest. An arrest was made within five days of the reenactment being shown and Crime Stoppers began.

Today more than 1000 Crime Stoppers services operate worldwide, including one in every Australian state and territory.

Crime Stoppers combats the three major problems faced by the police in generating crime-solving information:

  • Fear of reprisal
  • Apathy
  • Reluctance to get involved

We resolve this by offering anonymity through a toll-free number for people who have information about crime. Even if you do accidently give your details we won’t keep them or any other information that may identify you. Your calls are not traced and there is no caller ID.

We also offer rewards of up to $2000 if the information you provide leads to the charging or arrest of offenders, the recovery of stolen property or the seizure of drugs. To claim a reward, callers are only known by a unique code number to facilitate payment (if eligible). Since we’ve been operating in Tasmania, we’ve awarded more than $20,000 in rewards.

Crime Stoppers Tasmania is a member of Crime Stoppers Australia, which works with every independent state and territory Crime Stoppers program to inspire and empower people to report crime.