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Report Crime Information

Have you seen something that’s not right?

Crime Stoppers Tasmania encourages the community to report information that may otherwise not reach Tasmania Police.

  • Report the crime online on the Crime Stoppers website – you can use a computer or your phone to create a report.
  • Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Report information as soon as possible; don’t wait until your memory fades and details become sketchy because it’s quite often the small details that are crucial in solving crime.

What information should you provide?

When you call us, try to give as much detail as possible. The details you provide assist us to create better anonymous reports to forward to the police. The more specific and accurate you can be, the quicker the police are able to hit the ground running. Even little things you might think are unimportant may hold the key to a case.

Information can include things such as:

  • Names, addresses and vehicle registrations of offenders
  • How many people live at the residence? Is there a dog?
  • Is there evidence of firearms or other weapons at the address?
  • Details of the criminal activity such as date, time and place.

Remember! Never put yourself or others at risk in order to obtain information.

What do we do with your information?

When you call Crime Stoppers, you speak confidentially to an experienced operator who compiles a report using the information you provide. Once we have the information you provide, we forward it to the police – anonymously.

When you contact Crime Stoppers, your information is more important to us than your identity. We don’t need to know who you are, where you live or how you are involved. Calls are not recorded and there is no caller ID. The information you provide is then forwarded to Tasmania Police for investigation.

Read the Crime Stoppers privacy statement for more information.


You may be eligible for a reward of up to $2000 if you provide information to Crime Stoppers through the 1800 333 000 number that results in:

  • A crime being solved with the apprehension of the offender/s
  • Seizure of a substantial quantity of drugs or the recovery of a significant amount/value of stolen property.

To claim a reward, callers are issued with a code number. If you wish to provide more information at a later date or seek feedback on the investigation, you can do so by quoting this code number to the Crime Stoppers operator. This is the only connection between you and the information you provide, so it’s important to keep the code number safe.

Be ready!

Store 1800 333 000 in your phone and add the Crime Stoppers website to your bookmarks!

You never know when you might see something that’s not right and your best chance of helping police solve crime is to report it while it’s fresh in your mind.

We’d love to see our communities become safer because of our collective effort.