Making Tassie safer since 1994.

The Crime Stoppers story began in 1976, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Detective Greg MacAleese had run out all possible leads in a brutal murder case. The detective thought locals had committed the crime and someone in the community could have information, but did not want to deal with the police.

After six weeks and no new leads, he decided to try something new, and arranged for a local TV station to show a re-enactment of the murder. The show invited viewers to call with information, no identity required, and offered the possibility of a cash reward if the information led to an arrest. Within days, a tip off about a car speeding from the scene provided the breakthrough, and the offenders were arrested within five days. This was the start of the anonymous ‘tips line’ that has become Crime Stoppers and spread throughout the world.

Years later, in 1993, David Daniels (now our Chair) gathered a diverse group of like-minded people including Tasmania Police Officer Darren Hine, and Crime Stoppers Tasmania was born. We are a member of Crime Stoppers Australia, which works with every independent state and territory Crime Stoppers program to inspire and empower people to report crime.