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Crime Stoppers Tasmania Website Disclaimer

The entire content of this website including the Crime Stoppers logo (“Logo”) is protected under the Copyright Act (1968). You must not download, copy or otherwise reproduce the Logo or any other part of this website without the express consent of Crime Stoppers. Any unauthorised use of the Logo is also likely to be a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) as well as the Trademarks Act (1995) as the Logo is a registered trademark. Crime Stoppers views any misuse or unauthorised use of its Logo as a serious offence and will not hesitate to take whatever action is necessary to protect its rights and the rights of the public who may be mislead by such conduct.

Crime Stoppers Tasmania Social Media Terms of Use

Welcome to the official Facebook page of Crime Stoppers Tasmania.

This page is designed to provide Crime Stoppers news, important public safety and public interest information.

Please do not use this page to report a crime, ask for assistance or make a complaint.

We welcome your comments, however we ask that you follow our Terms of Use guidelines below. Any posts that violate our Terms of Use will be removed.

Please do not post comments that contain:

  1. Anything that could be considered prejudicial, off-topic, inflammatory, repetitive, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, denigrating or otherwise inappropriate;
  2. Swearing or abusive, racist, homophobic or sexist remarks or obscenities or sexually explicit comments or material;
  3. Personal attacks against other users, members of the public or members of Crime Stoppers Tasmania;
  4. Vigilante of ‘call to action’ comments;
  5. Speculations or comments about sentencing or legislation. It is inappropriate to discuss matters that are yet before the courts, or the legislation or potential sentences related to these matters;
  6. Personal or sensitive information about others. Divulging any information regarding crimes or their victims can be distressing for them and their family members;
  7. Reposts of other people’s appeals, requests for offers, or anything else that could be considered spam including posting same comment on multiple posts;
  8. Links to other Facebook pages, any non-government or off-topic pages; or
  9. Any content or links that are unlawful, or may defame, discriminate, offend, interfere with privacy or infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights.

Any comments deemed unfit under these definitions will be removed.

Users found to be repeatedly engaging in any of the above activity will be banned from this page.

By using or accessing Facebook, and this page, you agree to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities available at and to the terms of the following disclaimer.

Crime Stoppers Tasmania considers that the Crime Stoppers Tasmania Facebook page may be useful to the Tasmanian community as a tool to provide information, updates, latest Crime Stoppers news, and important public safety and public interest information.

All and any comments, visuals, videos and any other type of material posted by users of Facebook on the Crime Stoppers Tasmania Facebook page do not reflect the opinions, views, policies or ideals of Crime Stoppers Tasmania. Crime Stoppers Tasmania do not necessarily endorse nor are they responsible for user content on this page or the accuracy of information, opinions, claims or advice shared.

The Crime Stoppers Tasmania Facebook page administrator may remove all or any content from the Crime Stoppers Tasmania Facebook page, entirely at their discretion, with or without notice, for any reasons whatsoever.

The administrator may, entirely at their discretion and for any reason whatsoever, block users of Facebook from using and contributing to the Crime Stoppers Tasmania Facebook page. Furthermore, the administrator may report Facebook users posting inappropriate or offensive materials.

Crime Stoppers Tasmania disclaims all and any liability and responsibility of any kind, including without limitation any liability, to any person, for all or any losses, costs, expenses or damages or disappointments whatsoever or howsoever arising or suffered as a consequence of, or in connection with, or arising out of anything done, or anything omitted to be done, relating to the use of the Crime Stoppers Facebook page, the use of the Facebook websites, any error or omission on the Crime Stoppers Facebook Page or any combination of these.