National Illicit Drugs Campaign 

They’ll never know it was you who protected yourself and your family. 

Crime Stoppers is the nation’s most trusted information receiving service for people wanting to share what they know about unsolved crimes and suspicious activity without having to say who they are.

This is why we have received funding through an Australian Government Proceeds of Crime Act Grant to help the community put organised crime and the illicit drug trade in the spotlight.


1 in 10 people have been a victim of illicit drug-related incidents.

Australia’s illicit drug trade is estimated to be worth more than $10 Billion per year.

Drugs is the highest crime of concern according to research.*

The focus of this campaign are those linked to the illicit drug trade, who often reach a point where they become concerned for their personal safety or that of their family and look for a way out.

We don’t need to know who you are, just what you know.

Research shows drugs remain the number one crime of concern for Australians. Many families have been impacted by drugs, whether that’s losing a loved one or watching them struggle with addiction. Some have been a victim of violence, crime or experienced trauma and we are all impacted by the significant health and social costs to the community.

Crime Stoppers encourage everybody to be active in sharing what they know about the manufacture and supply of illicit drugs in Australia. The result of this community effort will disrupt the illicit drug trade, assist police and have an impact on the criminal supply chain in our country.

Contacting Crime Stoppers anonymously means the criminals will never know it was you who spoke up.

An Australian Government Initiative.